Beyond Resolved Institute

Beyond Resolved Institute is a revolutionary online debate program. For less than a tenth of the price of other online camps, students receive two weeks of instruction with some of the top instructors in the nation, from experienced adult coaches to champion debaters, with an emphasis on accessibility and inclusivity! 

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For only $100: 

  • Daily calls with students at your level, led by coaches and trained instructors

  • Practice rounds with feedback from experienced debaters, coaches, and judges

  • Small group office hours with some of the most successful debaters and coaches from around the country

  • 20+ unique lectures for your event (+ Q&As with all presenters!

  • Lab time to do drills and get to know other debaters of your skill level, under the mentorship of older students and coaches

"I really gained a lot of value from the Beyond Resolved Workshop, from building connections with some of the best debaters across the country to fine-tuning my debate skills, this workshop really helped me reach the next level. The amazing staff and coordinators, who put endless hours of work and dedication, were really the icing on the cake. I got tons of office hours with experienced debaters and learned so much."

- Varnica Basavaraj, Lambert HS